So I started this blog to really tell everyone about my experiences with everything. Most people like to vlog, which I had considered but I have a passion for writing and reading so I decided a blog would be much better for me.

I was thinking about doing this anonymously but then I decided not to, I am proud of my past and I am looking forward to my future.

As you can tell by my username as well as my blog title, I am also living with Type 1 Diabetes, and I have sort of been inspired by another Type 1, David Baggaley, who is on instagram and a massive inspiration to me. He is raising awareness for Diabetes with posts on his instagram, you can follow him on: baggaleydavidt1d . I want to do something more with my life, I want to help others who are going through the same things I have been through.

I guess I should start by saying my name is Gemma, and I am 23 years old at the moment. I was only diagnosed in October 2016 so I haven’t had it for long at all. Not even past the year mark which is a little scary because I know I am currently in the ‘honeymoon period’ and my blood is going to hit all sorts of highs and lows once my pancreas completely gives up on me.

I guess I am going to just talk a lot of rubbish on here and hopefully someone will want to read it, and continue to read my blogs. I plan to tell you all about my life, but it will be a little back to front and a bit of a mess, Im not too good at remembering dates.

So yeah this is just a little blog to say hello and to get it started I guess, I dont know how many times I will write in or what I will talk about, but I am sure that I will make them as entertaining as possible.

But right now, its lunch time and a diabetic has to eat, so I shall catch you all soon.



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