Hey everyone!

I’m so excited to be blogging again about something and anything. I will post the end of my previous story another day so I can keep all my readers interested and intrigued.

Not really, I’m just not ready for the deepest and darkest part of me to be published online yet. So here’s where I just talk a lot of crap and just end it when I feel like it.

Living with Type 1 diabetes has taught me a lot of things in such a short time of being diagnosed. A different way to everything, a new path to discover. I’d like to someday have a cure in the world for us diabetic people. 

I think personally that being a diabetic is such a hard thing to have to put up with. It’s not just having to cut sugar out of our diets, it’s counting our carbohydrates which we then have to figure out how many units of insulin we need to take with them carbohydrates each meal, each snack. We have to prick our fingers numerous times a day to TRY and keep control of our blood glucose. 

We are a strong unit of people, amongst us are those who have the strength to wake up in the morning and do another day of struggling with our problem. There are so many people out there who don’t understand, they stare when we are having ‘hypos’, they look disgusted when we inject and all we are doing is trying to stay healthy and alive.

We need to keep on track of what we are trying to achieve in our life’s. We could be years away from ever finding a cure, or a real understanding of a cause to this problem. We could try and pretend that it dont matter but it does.

It’s taken me a while to accept what I have and how I have to deal with it. But I am dealing with it as well as struggling with it at the same time. I’m just the same as everyone else. We have our good days and our bad days but we will have to carry on using our strength. 

Everyday is an accomplishment to me and everyday is an achievement to all of us.

I hope that we all as type1’s can pursue for a cure. Lets do it together. I hope this blog has helped someone out who has been struggling with being newly diagnosed.

Speak soon.

Gem x


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